1. Kris

    B2 Net Solutions (ColoCrossing) and ChicagoVPS Spam

    I avoid making new topics. But while Biloh is at WHT spouting bullshit about cleaning up, spam is getting worse. When migrating and setting up a new server tonight that had spam issues previously, I had SpamHaus and BarracudaCentral enabled and decided to see what got through if it needed...
  2. lbft

    Do you think brands are important in the VPS market?

    I was reading an interesting New Yorker piece about a consumer shift away from loyalty to brand names and towards seeking reviews and other information instead. It got me thinking: if you accept the premise that people don't give much weight to branding any more, how would/does that affect...
  3. boxgrade

    BoxGrade - VPS, dedicated hosting and VPN reviews based on live, long-running benchmarks

    So we've put together a VPN/VPS/dedicated hosted benchmarking site that we hope will be of some use to people here... If you're a vps/dedicated hosting provider please sign up to promote your site. And if you're looking to sign up for a new VPN, dedicated server, or VPS please give us a try.  ...