1. R

    Can you route my legacy netblock?

    I have some legacy IPV4 /24 netblocks from ARIN. Seeking a reliable VPS provider with nodes in US who can advertise one such block in BGP and route it to a VPS, i.e. so the VPS would have ~253 usable IPV4 addresses. Please quote lead time, as well as any one-time and/or monthly charges that...
  2. HalfEatenPie

    Multiple Proxy Syndrome

    So...  This may or may not look a bit sketchy, I totally understand (and it's totally reasonable to think of it as such).   But my network right now (in Asia) is absolutely annoying internationally.  Recently (thanks to @TheLinuxBug) I've found some pretty interesting things about my own...
  3. Francisco

    ARIN about to make the routing table a whole lot fatter?

    So there's a proposal on ARIN's desk to allow the transferring/selling of < /24 allocations. Are we about to see a multi million entry routing table in the coming couple years? People with older switches that top at 512k routes are having a hard enough time as it is, but even > 1M route...
  4. peterw

    Targeted Internet Traffic Misdirection

    The New Threat: Targeted Internet Traffic Misdirection True words. Can't believe that this is happening and nobody cares.
  5. drmike

    Ideas -- How to "route" DNS traffic through multiple daemons

    Part of the ongoing "hardening" of my own environment involves cleaning up DNS.  DNS is often leaky these days and many providers are intercepting DNS requests and doing all sorts of unwanted things with the data. In an effort to starve them, provide a bit more security and generally have a...