1. fixidixi

    Where do you host your ruby app *in the cloud* ?

    Hi, I'd like to ask the community about what are the {obvious / popular / best / etc } choices to host a ruby app *in the cloud*. So far im always directed at heroku which seems to be the obvious choice for development (and has been used already :) )  however I tought its best to ask if anyone...
  2. B

    Any Ruby fans?

    So, anyone here use Ruby or RoR? I have been hearing a lot about it, and many suggested me to have a look, as its easy to code. But, I just went through the basics and put it there. I have tried deploying ruby apps, mostly diaspora and gitorious. Diaspora wasn't that hard, but never got...
  3. wlanboy

    Installing newest Ruby on your vps

    Looking to the Ruby packages of Redhat, Debian, etc you will see that they are quite old. But you can install quite any version of Ruby (including JRuby, MacRuby, etc) with the help of Another advantage of rvm is that every user installs his own Ruby and his own set of gems. You are also...