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    Ready2Frag operates as the gaming and performance VPS branch of HostVenom, LLC. and operates under a DBA of HostVenom, LLC. in New York. We are proud to boast that we own our own hardware and IP space. All servers are colocated in our suite in downtown Chicago, IL. We utilize the Steadfast...
  2. Aldryic C'boas

    RUST Server

    So I've been playing around a bit on Rust, and rather enjoying myself.  The one aspect I find irritating is the griefers - yeah, I know PVP is part of the deal;  but a game stops being fun when you have to keep yourself hidden because a pack of bandits decide to roam around your area shooting...
  3. A

    Game: RUST Dedicated Servers

    Does anyone here know or are a 'authorized' server provider for the game. The developers during the alpha period have the server part of it locked down to only authorized providers and most of them are charging a fortune for the servers (~30-50/mo) and most of them do not have a lower limit then...