1. drmike

    Scaleway Launches Native IPv6 and IPv6 only 1.99/mo

    Scaleway continues to impress. Now they've launched IPv6 natively and are even discounting those 2.99 instance further if you use IPv6 only. IPv6 will also let you spare €1 per server if you don't need a public IPv4. As such, you can now benefit from a VPS with 2GB of ram, 50GB of SSD...
  2. DomainBop

    Scaleway Cloud Launches x86-64 C2 Servers: Dedicated Avoton C2550 and C2750

    Scaleway added x86_64 dedicated Avoton's to their cloud mix today.  All offerings are dedicated bare metal servers with unlimited transfer,  LSSD storage (the €23.99 offering also includes 250GB DSSD storage) new offerings: €11.99month Avoton C2550 4 Dedicated x64 Cores 8GB Memory 50GB...