1. texteditor

    Rage4 "Prey-as-you-go" extortioncast DNS business model

    First, as a preface, let me state that due to being an IWstack customer I have an unlimited Rage4 partner account so this does not affect me at this time. As many of you know, gbshouse's anycast DNS service Rage4, very popular among and spawned out of the "cheap VPS" community, has always...
  2. N

    I guess DamnVPS/ThrustVPS got hacked

    Got this little gem this morning (haven't been a customer in a very long time); obviously the return address is NOT Damn/Thrust but watch out!
  3. WebSearchingPro

    Unsolicited Domain Transfer Requests

    So I just got this letter in the mail, with no recipient name, just my address and thought it looked rather "phishy" as my domains are registered through asmallorange which inturn uses OGTNET as far as I'm aware.   My question is, are companies sending unsolicited mail to domain holders scaring...