1. C

    Reliable Domain Registrar

    Please suggest a domain registrar which is reliable & secure with easy to use portal for management of domains? It does not matter whether it is cheap or expensive but must have decent support & focus on security. I am asking this question here because there are quite a few much more...
  2. TekStorm - Walter

    StripeXS for WHMCS-Point of Sale services

    Stripe makes it easy to start accepting credit card payments today; at our low, low introductory rate of 0.1% + $0.01 per successful charge for the first 30 days!  Log on to our Web site to see complete details and also to veiw future savings! Leave complex fee structures behind and get all the...
  3. W

    How do you secure your server(s)?

    I'm simply curious, how do you folks secure your servers? I'm currently using a mix of logwatch, psad, and CSF for instance yet I can't help but still feel vulnerable. Any tips are greatly welcomed and I'm sure they'll be useful for the inexperienced such as myself!
  4. drmike

    Securing DNS Lookups via Encrypted DNS - DNSCrypt

    Securing DNS Lookups via Encrypted DNS - DNSCrypt Normal computer traffic route involving DNS works like this: 1. Request for DNS lookup (from browser, FTP, etc.) 2. System gets DNS information for the domain from a list of remote DNS servers - often these are auto-configured by your...
  5. K

    [EU/NL] KnownSRV - Premium Managed VPS!1

    Hey,   KnownSRV offers top-notch VPS packages that are generous in both space and bandwidth. We guarantee trouble free service and peace of minds for hosting your websites. We utilize the latest virtualisation technology to give you the power to fully customise your own environment.   Why...