server security

  1. Scopehosts - DDOS protected servers | Switzerland based dedicated servers | highly configured

    Switzerland Servers - Ddos Protected Servers All the below dedicated servers are located in Zurich, Switzerland and are monitored around the clock surveillance, ensuring absolutely secure environment. We offer our customers highest quality servers at competitive prices. You are encouraged to...
  2. Rackbank

    How to protect server from Brute Force Attacks?

    Here are a few of the many security options the WHM/cPanel has built in to protect your cPanel dedicated server: With Brute force attacks, an attacker is enabled to run an automated app/script thus finding out account's password from a list of passwords (dictionary file). This helps in...
  3. W

    How do you secure your server(s)?

    I'm simply curious, how do you folks secure your servers? I'm currently using a mix of logwatch, psad, and CSF for instance yet I can't help but still feel vulnerable. Any tips are greatly welcomed and I'm sure they'll be useful for the inexperienced such as myself!