server specials

  1. Swiftnode

    SWIFTNODE.NET - Dual Xeon E5-2650v2, 128GB, 2x800GB Intel SSD - A+B Power, Dual PSU - $139/month offers performance dedicated, voice, and game servers. All of our support staff is experienced in server administration, networking, ddos mitigation, and all staff has at least 5 years in a fast paced support environment. We mitigate hundreds of DDoS attacks towards our customers...
  2. concerto49

    GetDedi 2xL5520 $49 | E3 $79 | i3 $49 | L5639 $85 | 100TB upgrades | Lots IPs

    GetDedi Promos. Dedicated servers. Need a new server? Need a better server? Get a Dedi from us today with these specials to accelerate your business and personal needs.   We're here to provide the most affordable servers with the best features.   Clearance! Whilst stocks last. Don't miss...