1. DomainBop

    REQUEST: Sell Me A PowerKVM VPS For Under $7

    If any of you OVH based providers want to set yourself apart from the crowd and be the first to start offering PowerKVM VPS's out of RBX for under $7 monthly I might be interested.  A Power8 OpenStack offering would be even better as long as you keep it under $7  (it's been impossible to find a...
  2. Darwin

    3 ssd disk array, what raid level can I use?

    I am a software guy, not hardware one. Please forgive me if my question sounds stupid :) I'm thinking about renting one of those 3xssd soyoustart servers, but what I know about raid can be resumed in: raid1, 10 and that 5 is a no no for ssd. That said and looking for data integrity, what...