ssd cache

  1. L

    SSD Caching HDD's with OpenVZ kernel?

    I have a server running OpenVZ and 2 large containers both using about 30% ram of the host node each. The server has two 7200RPM drives in software RAID 0 and an SSD drive attached also. Are there any solutions that would allow me to SSD cache the node while using the OpenVZ kernel? I've looked...
  2. ryanarp

    [Catalyst Host] KVM Launch Promo 256MB $5/m

    As always the first thing that I want to say is "Thank you" to our clients. I know a lot of you are here and we really appreciate the opportunity to serve you. I've said this in the past, and I want to repeat myself. A goal that we all have agreed on at Catalyst is that every step we take be...