1. M

    SSH Protection

    Greetings. Lots of users use SSH for their VPS/Dedicated Server and sometimes you can see people try access your SSH on Port 22 or try Crack it. So here is 2 ways to protect from it. First we can change our SSH Port lots of people just go to random IPs and try attack port 22 as it main Port...
  2. bigcat

    SSH Chat

    I stumbled upon this on Hacker News. Just sharing it here cause its interesting What is ssh-chat? Custom SSH server written in Go. Instead of a shell, you get a chat prompt. Simplest chat platform I've used so far. Try To connect, ssh <username> Source on GitHub. Docker...
  3. wlanboy

    Running a terminal multiplexer

    I found a little gem that I am using if I have to do serveral things at the same time on the same server. Like testing my scripts and looking at the logs and at the mongodb client at the same time. The tool is tmux which is a terminal multiplexer. It allows you to split a terminal into smaller...
  4. wlanboy

    Running a web based terminal (ssh)

    I was looking for a web based terminal emulator and finally found "Shell In A Box". It is a linux service that is running a webservice that uses JS/CSS to build up a great web based terminal. Installation is easy because it is part of all major repositories: apt-get install openssl...
  5. drmike

    Squid + SSH HTTP Tunnel HELP!

    Trying to revise my bubblegummed setup here for sanity sake. Shoved Squid back in the middle as cache layer and general Ginsu knife set for slicing and dicing things (yeah I hate Squid, but it's hard to argue about what it can do when you perfect it). Latest snafu is getting Squid to front end...
  6. T

    Assisted setup script for DenyHosts on CentOS and Debian Linux distributions

    Hello All, I have been working on some scripts to help assist new Linux and VPS users in setting up DenyHosts on their server. Below I am including these scripts for you all to use: Some info on DenyHosts for those of you who don't know what it is: What is DenyHosts? DenyHosts is a script...
  7. wlanboy

    How to handle multiple ssh connections

    I am running three mail servers for different domains. Therefore I often check them at the same time. It is a pain in my head to run the same commands on different terminal windows again and again. So I searched for a tool that can handle this. And I found clusterssh. Installation is easy...
  8. MannDude

    Linux VPS cheat sheet. Linux commands for CentOS/RHEL and Ubuntu/Debian

    Figured this thread could be a handy resource for everyone at all skill-levels. Sometimes you just want to copy and paste a command you've used a hundred times (DD-tests, for example) or are just having a brain fart and forgot how to do something. Well... this thread is for you, my friend! Let's...
  9. wlanboy

    Generate one time passwords for scp only accounts

    I wanted to generate some one time passwords to allow a friend to login 10 times via scp to download some stuff. Sounds strange but I wanted to ensure that he is not using the account for anything else. So there are two things todo: Generate one time passwords Lock a user to scp only Let's...
  10. WebSearchingPro

    SSH Attacks

    I recently got around to setting up "Logwatch" on a few of my servers, and I found it interesting to see how many times a day our servers get attempted SSH authentication. The usernames seem to be quite random, though the IP addresses used are 90% of the time from China. This got me thinking...
  11. HalfEatenPie

    Changing Operating Systems through SSH

    So, I was talking with Jarland (one of the co-owners of Catalyst) and something interesting came up. Using Debootstrap, you can change the OS from anything else (I'm assuming Linux-based?) to Debian.  Although I personally have not used this or had any experience in this, might as well push...