1. drmike begging to be sued.

    Evolving issue here on my end. Made mistake of signing up with for domains.   At some point yanked the autobill PayPal crap they inflict upon folks.  I routinely purge nearly all of those in PayPal and intend on paying next go like a normal human. Get invoices in email with...
  2. lbft

    Your WHMCS link sucks

    This issue pops up from time to time (especially amongst us lowly non-providers, but occasionally even in offer threads) so I figured it'd be good to have a Google-able thread for it. Since WHMCS is a bit odd, to link to a product: GOOD...
  3. drmike

    Google: "Gmail users shouldn't expect email privacy"

    Google: Gmail users shouldn't expect email privacy Critics call revelation 'a stunning admission' as Google makes claim in court filing in attempt to head off class action lawsuit. Full story: The court...
  4. drmike

    Wagers: What other VPS companies does Colocrossing own / ghost operate

    Alright gamblers and minor bettors, get your wagers in. What other VPS companies does Colocrossing own / ghost operate? We already know they seem to own/control Hudson Valley Host.  And have something to do with that Chicago outfit (nee BuffaoVPS). Which other VPS companies cross the radar of...
  5. drmike

    MannDude banned from LET?

    What is going on over on LET?  See MannDude's account is disabled, but his posts still showing. What happened Curtis?  You poke them with your kosher stick about the Iran, Irun, we flip the US Treasury Department stuff again :) ? Aren't we all overdue on demanding our content/contributions be...