1. M

    *FS* SuperMicro 1U - Xeon X3440/16GB RAM

    I'm selling my SuperMicro 1u. It's got a Supermicro X8SIE board, with a Xeon X3440/16GB ram. I'm not including any hard drives, but server has all 4 bays. Looking for $150 picked up or $200 shipped. I'm in Richmond, VA.
  2. ndelaespada

    Supermicro 2U X8DTN+ 2x E5620 96GB RAM 12x1TB 2xPSUs For Sale

    I'm looking to sell a server with the following specs: 2U Supermicro X8DTN+ Dual Intel Xeon E5620 96GB RAM 12x1TB 7.2k 3.5" SATA Drives Adaptec ASR-51645 Raid Card 2x800W Power Supplies   USD$1,575 + shipping and I will take PayPal.   The server is in Quadranet LA.   Additional...
  3. qps

    Dual Xeon L5420 SuperMicro SC512L Servers

    We have multiple SuperMicro servers available in Las Vegas at Fiberhub. Quantity 5 available: Dual Xeon L5420 16GB DDR2 ECC Registered RAM 2x1TB Seagate or Samsung SATA 7200RPM Hard Drives SuperMicro X7DCA-L Motherboard SuperMicro SC512L-280B Chassis with Rack Ears $200 OBO per system...
  4. MartinD

    'Cloud' chassis - anyone using them?

    Many moons ago, I used to work for a company that used some of these when they were first coming out. They were part of a fallover system for high-traffic, HA campaigns (like TV advertisments, etc) and they worked quite well. I'm seeing more of these coming out of the woodwork on the likes of...
  5. HalfEatenPie

    Server Hardware Vendor

    So... Where do you purchase your server hardware from?  Do you purchase it one server at a time or in bulk?  If you buy just the parts, do you assemble it yourself?   Where do you get the hardware!  I'm thinking about getting some hardware together for a special pre-made system (that runs on...
  6. matt[scrdspd]

    [For Sale] Dual Intel Xeon Supermicro 1U Servers

    Two Dual Intel Xeon Supermicro 1U Servers for sale.   Great for VPS nodes, cPanel nodes, or high performance Dedicated Servers. These are great production and enterprise ready systems. Just install your OS and go.   Server 1 Excellent condition, works great, purchased new, 1 owner...
  7. qps

    Bulk SuperMicro SC512-260B and SC512-200B chassis

    We have the following SuperMicro chassis available:   18x SC512-260B 1x SC512-260 2x SC512-200B   They are all in used condition (scratches, small dings, etc) and are sold as-is.  Ages range from around 2 years to around 5 years.  Power supplies are included (we believe them all to be...
  8. notFound

    Supermicro X10 motherboard refusing to boot with RAID Card

    Yes, I know this is not a VPS but I thought this category best suited this thread. :P I bought one of the newish Supermicro X10 boards (X10SLM-F) with a Haswell E3 and had an Adaptec 6 series card laying around, the board works fine itself, stress tested it enough without the RAID card but when...
  9. notFound

    Supermicro rails

    I am looking to buy some Supermicro rails but from what it seems I can't find anywhere in the UK that's actually in stock. Anyone want to point me in the right direction? I could always do ebay but I'd rather not pay the £20 or so extra for shipping.