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  1. Rapid2

    FREE SETUP | LOW COST RELIABLE Europe Based Dedicated Servers -

    VPS Board Exclusive 10% Off Dedicated Servers - Code: VPSB10 Rapid2 was founded in 2014 with the aim to provide clients with the best hosting with friendly support that could be contacted at anytime. Rapid2 is now part of Rapid Group. We currently clients with the best quality hosting possible...
  2. Exelion

    E3-1230v3/16GB/2x2TB/33TB/Gigabit/Dallas/100% Uptime, $99/mo, 2x240GB SSD $115/mo

    --- Attention to those who just got burned by the recent string of host failures: Call or email us, we will try to match or beat what your previous host offered you. We want to help. --- Call us: 1-844-393-4968 Email us: [email protected] Chat with us: #exelion on Or just visit...