1. drmike

    VeraCrypt - building upon TrueCrypt

    I know we have a bunch of TrueCrypt users around here...  Open project over here that is building upon TrueCrypt and where folks should be now. Not endorsing this as being 1000000% the best and most secure or anything.  Beware with anything and do your...
  2. drmike

    TrueCrypt Officially Dead... Now Going to Be Reborn as CipherShed

    We had a couple of threads on vpsBoard about TrueCrypt and most notoriously in May roughly when their site was "defaced" labeling TrueCrypt as insecure. Well under the different license created by the Truecrypt author(s) one could fork the project, but can't make reference to the original. So...
  3. drmike

    TrueCrypt under Windows is NOT SECURE - "unfixed security issues"

    Fresh off the paranoid presses, TrueCrypt has security issues and looks now to be dead and unsupported. source: The issue revolves around Microsoft dumping support for old version and BitLocker becoming Microsoft's crypto stuff. Oddly, even the Linux download...