1. drmike

    UGVPS = Thomas Dale = Crystal Dale = ChicagoVPS = Dig the Mine

    ( Hey LowEndTalk @jake, steal this post and repost  :) ) TL;DR 2.0 Thomas LEOnard Dale owns UGVPS and works for ChicagoVPS.   His IPs match recent IRC logins and past tense logins as an administrator of Chicago VPS, account  tleonard.  He goes by the username CVPS_Tleo on LowEndTalk, so say...
  2. drmike

    Whats going on with UGVPS?

    Today's gossip rag headline: "Is UGVPS another Colocrossing / ChicagoVPS brand or did Crystal die?" UGVPS, that darling of a company with crazy low priced offers and a "female" at the helm has suddenly gone AWOL, missing in action. Buyers over at LowEndBox are reporting all sorts of non...