1. hostiko

    [UA] Best VPS/VDS i9 11900K powered | Anti-DDoS

    Hello! We are offering high-performance VPS/VDS on the latest Intel Core i9 11900K processor which is overclocked to 5.3GHz under water cooling. Thanks to the i9, Windows graphics is much more responsive than on Intel Xeon server processors. There are available both daily and longer terms of...
  2. hostiko

    Dedicated Servers in Kyiv, Ukraine - Intel Core i9 11th/AMD Ryzen/Intel Xeon

    Hello! We are providing reliable dedicated servers for your business. There are both predefined and custom configuration available for the order. All our equipment is located in Kyiv, Leontovicha 9. We are offering servers for a variety of CPUs, including Intel Xeon, more productive Intel...
  3. fixidixi

    Ukraine - Russia Situation

    Hy, I would like to know what do you think about this whole situation. There are folks in the community from all over the world -as I've noticed I might be wrong :) - so I tought it would be interesting to hear what do you think in different parts of the world (what are your ideas, what the...
  4. D

    Would anyone be interested in VPS/Dedi in Ukraine?

    For a long time now I wanted to open my own hosting company or invest/partner up with an already existing one. This is a small step in that direction. I would like to do a little research first. Are there any consumers or hosting companies interested in Dedicated or VPS hosting in Ukraine? I...