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  1. R

    Best Dedicated Server in UK | Intel Xeon D-1520 | 32 GB DDR3 ECC | SoftRAID 4x2TB SAT| At $126.00/Mo

    Your search for the best dedicated server in UK ends here! Get the Intel Xeon D-1520 powered server to suffice your web hosting needs. Unleash the power of dedicated server today! Features: CPU: Intel Xeon D-1520 RAM: 32 GB DDR3 ECC HDD: SoftRAID 4x2TB SATA IP ADDRESS: 1 IP Address BANDWIDTH...
  2. drmike UK - Sold right? Why is UKFast Dropping BurstNet Customers?

    Well it has been a year or so since's UK assets were "sold".  I am quoting sold at this point, because although that is what was sold to us via press, it seems like something is afoul. This is part of an email that went out to UKFast/ UK customers: Why are they - UKFast...
  3. drmike

    Wanted: Iceland VPS, sold by non US/UK company

    Looking for recommendations of existing companies offering VPS services in Iceland.   Virtualization platform unimportant.   Only requirement is that the ownership of the company making the offer cannot be United States or United Kingdom citizen or incorporated in either country. Anyone have...
  4. SeriesN

    Another month, another milestone. We have crossed the Atlantic OCEAN! (Ninja Hawk solutions Inc.)

    NEW YORK, NY, August 5, 2013 - Ninja Hawk Solutions Expands To UK! Due to high demand and requests, we are happy to announce the opening of our newest location in Kent, United Kingdom. We are utilizing Hostdime's State of Art datacenter in Maidstone, Kent for our United Kingdom Services. This...