united states

  1. HenriqueSousa - WebUp 24/7

    [US/EU] WebUp 24/7 - SH starting at $10/Year or $9/Month - RH starting at $18/Month

    About WebUp 24/7 WebUp 24/7 is a web hosting provider comprised of talented developers and much more. All of us at WebUp 24/7 are a lot like you, making it easier for us to understand and deliver exactly what it is that you need. Read more --> Datacenters At the moment we are located in two...
  2. drmike

    Storage VPS Offers United States and Canada

    Looking for provider offers for storage VPS. Storage: 500GB Location: United States and Canada Price:  < $15 / month Exceptions: NO COLOCROSSING.  NO CHICAGO.
  3. drmike

    Iran, you better run - .ir hosting in US ILLEGAL PART 2 - embargo breakers

    So, we remember the Iran hosting thread that blew up with some sad providers mad about it being a CC shill piece: Well, the topic of Iran hosting within the United States hit WebhostingTalk...
  4. drmike

    Justhost a US hosting company shuts down Iranian Opposition Website

    Proving yet again that hosting Iranian websites and selling related services isn't legal in the US, shut down an Iranian opposition leaders website. A letter shown to Reuters lists sanctions imposed by the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), under the U.S. Treasury Department...
  5. drmike

    Wanted: Iceland VPS, sold by non US/UK company

    Looking for recommendations of existing companies offering VPS services in Iceland.   Virtualization platform unimportant.   Only requirement is that the ownership of the company making the offer cannot be United States or United Kingdom citizen or incorporated in either country. Anyone have...