1. drmike

    URPad.net / RootLevelTech - headed for recycling?

    I read tons of post-mortems for fails in the industry.  Emails, blog posts, random things people send my way. URPad.net's recent IPMI accused hack was ugly. What's uglier is the company-speak about the company in general. This is taken from: https://urpad.net/blog/update-events/ Barely break...
  2. ChrisM

    URPad.net $12/year VPS's are back! - Multiple Locations - Blazing Speed!

    URPad.net - Setting the new standard for VPS!   URPad.net is proud to announce its latest offer. With new servers provisioned in Houston and LA being upgraded to offer more servers with better specs, we want to show customers we have great products. The all new servers are Dual Hex-Core 2620's...