1. drmike

    Convert Your Desktop to a Virtual Instance with VirtualBox

    WARNING The following involves playing with data and partitioning drives. No warranties are implied. Don't do this while drunk / frazzled / half awake. All liability is yours. Pay attention, if in doubt post here and I'll do my best to reply. Prerequisites 0. Linux. I use Linux. This...
  2. drmike

    Virtualizing Existing Desktop, Successfully!

    Are you stuck clinging onto an old desktop due to settings, fear of moving to a new desktop, etc.? Don't be. I  long had a decent but problematic workstation.  Stuck there because of the bulk of the whole install, settings, data, etc. Moving OSes sucks, eats life, etc. So I took the...
  3. MannDude

    Oracle released VirtualBox 5.0! New features and many improvements.

    I believe a lot of us probably use VirtualBox at home to test out new distros or run isolated VMs for specific tasks or needs. Well, Oracle has released VirtualBox 5.0!  Now with (easier to use) Headless and Detachable options! There have been many improvements and even some new features. Take...
  4. drmike

    Virtualbox, run at reboot

    Someone a ways back pointed me at Virtualbox on here.  Using it for a few virtual containers mainly for appliances and VPS-like use locally. Little problem I have now is sustaining reboots.   Need Virtualbox to launch the instances on system reboot. Anyone know/use/familiar with how to...
  5. D

    Setting up development environment for PHP+MySQL using VirtualBox

    Hi peeps, I just posted a tutorial about Setting up development environment for PHP+MySQL using VirtualBox on a PC machine. Maybe someone will find it helpful: