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    DirectAdmin Hosting from £6/Yr - VisualWebTechnologies- 99.9% Uptime, LiteSpeed API + FreeSSL +Softaculous

    VisualWebTechnologies was created for those who don't always need the full slice of the pie. If you're a starter, a student, just want to host a static website or two and you're on a budget then VisualWebTechnologies is for you. We have Solid State Drive Nvme DirectAdmin web hosting plans...
  2. HostXNow

    UK/USA 50% OFF for Life, Softaculous, Site Builder, Script Installer, Backups & More

    We have been providing web hosting services to individuals and businesses around the world since we started in October, 2009 - nearly 5 years ago! Whether you are looking for basic shared hosting or something a little more robust like VPS hosting, we have several different types of...
  3. HostXNow

    HostXNow - 50% off Web Hosting, Free Domain, Site Builder, Script Auto Installer, Backups & More

    Shared Hosting | Reseller Hosting | Semi Dedicated Hosting | VPS Hosting | Shoutcast Hosting | Dedicated Servers | Offsite Backups   HostXNow has been providing web hosting services since October 2009 and offers many types of web hosting to choose from. Whether a webmaster is looking for basic...