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    RUSSIA 1Gbps LINUX VPS ****************************************************** Scopehosts provides worldwide quality web hosting and supported services. Get Leased Servers, Hardwares, Networks directly from the datacenter. The OpenVZ VPS Hosting Services are located at 4 Different locations...
  2. B

    Roundcube Next

    The web hosting industry doesn't need an introduction on Roundcube. Being the most popular open source webmail application, its bundled with almost all shared hosting control panels and many mail provides use its customized versions.   During its initial development time, Roundcube was intended...
  3. N

    Webmail client to read multiple accounts at once

    Hi, I'm looking for a webmail client to install on my server that allow multiple accounts at once, just like a desktop mail client. Don't want to login in multiple interfaces daily to check multiple email accounts :) Anyone knows any script to do this, php preferable! Thanks N.