1. drmike

    Yubikeys - Using them currently for?

    Decided to take the leap finally and a Yubikey for two factor authentication.  Generic usage with Lastpass. I think we have a bunch of people here using Yubikeys.   What are the interesting applications I should check out that support Yubikeys (online is fine, local LAN / same PC is even better)?
  2. Jade

    [USA] ORLANDO FL Dedicated Servers Starting at $85 + TAMPA FL Dedicated Servers Starting at $45

    Telephone: +1-813-388-8109 Email: [email protected]   Who we are: About Us GridHostingSolutions first opened its doors in late 2012 and closed its doors in early 2013 selling its clients to a UK hosting company. GridHostingSolutions was then brought back to life by Jeffrey W. and...
  3. Jade

    GHS now offering Yubikey's to Dedicated Server clients

    Hello, This isn't too big of news, but I just thought I'd let you all know. GridHostingSolutions is now offering Yubikey's to all dedicated server clients per request to add more security to the clients account. Each Yubikey will cost $30.00 to each client that purchases one. Yubikey By...