Advice/Recommendations Please on VPS/Dedi Server


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I am currently using one of the cheap shared hosting plans for my clients. To be frank I am not satisfied with the current hosting company. The sites are going offline often.
I can't afford VPS or dedicated servers as traffic per site will be pretty low. Can anybody recommend good quality budget shared hosting with 99.9% uptime.


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What? You are using Shared Hosting for your clients? Of course it will be down.
Shared Hosting is limited and resources are shared with others clients.

For that reason, you can't use it to your clients. Excessive CPU usage / memory your hosting provider can suspend you, or your website goes down, because no resources are available.

If you have clients, how you can't afford a VPS? In title you ask for VPS / Dedi server, and in thread you want shared hosting.
There isn't 99.9% uptime, if you don't pay for SLA.

You have VPS with 2GB RAM or 4GB for less than 12€ month.


I was looking for a host that will provide a good reseller account and was very lucky to have found web host.
Great pricing, great support, reasonable disk space, nice webmail interface and lots of apps/scripts that are easy to install from cpanel.


I have proudly been hosting my site with dedicated server, after being referred from this review site.
Indeed, they have exceeded all my expectations, taking time to answer each of my questions diligently and intelligently, and have a great staff.


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I am using Bluehost for a couple of years. The company's dedication to web hosting is impressive and its massive fleet of features outclasses much of the competition. Would highly recommend everybody reading a guide like this to make a smart decision


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Have a look at plans from reliable providers, I mean and
Their support people are very attentive. Prices are low cost.