Best Dedicated Server Hosting Malaysia

In Malaysia, we are usually regarded as a trustworthy dedicated server supplier. We are providing consumers the full support when they need and require, our organization will boost its dedicated servers in Malaysia. In the Malaysian networking industry, our company monitors recent developments. Our company aims to thoroughly and generally enhance our consumer service and to change the identity of our company. We now have several server solutions for the citizens of Malaysia. The new dedicated servers on high-speed hard drives are easy and fast to use. When we allow our dedicated server we promise to our customers for surety against security and 100% uptime.
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iCore Technology offers a full range of outsourcing dedicated server hosting experts available 24/7 to help your organization maintain the highest level of uptime and stability. Dedicated server hosting experts can handle security upgrades, installation of applications, and manage full dedicated server monitoring.

We have dedicated servers, Linux dedicated server, windows dedicated server, the dedicated game server, and dedicated server hosting for advanced or specialized server applications.