Breaking Down Different Types of ERC20 Wallets


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Ethereum to Bitcoin is like Linux to Windows. While the Bitcoin can be credited with making cryptocurrency popular among the masses it is Ethereum that has made it flexible for anyone to create their own cryptocurrency and tokens. This feature of Ethereum has made it a primary choice among crypto enthusiasts who would like to create their own cryptocurrencies, program their own smart contracts and launch their own ERC-20 tokens.

To digress a little, ERC-20 is the standard or the protocol with which all the tokens created on Ethereum need to comply. Although there are other standards which are extensions of ERC-20, it still continues to be the most common standard used all over the planet!

With the growing number of tokens, it becomes increasingly necessary to have a wallet to store this tokens and transact over the blockchain. A wallet needs to have a few features for it to qualify as a valid one.

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