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ByteOnSite, formerly RockMyWeb, is celebrating 7 years in business with our 7 summers sale.

Cloud Servers

Our servers feature high availability failover and data mirroring to keep your data safe and server online in the event of hardware failures.

Turbo Storage and Turbo CPU

Our turbo storage features advanced proprietary caching that surpasses standard SSD caching services. Our servers reach over 100K IOPS.

Our turbo CPU features burstable CPU resources that help you handle peak hours of traffic unlike other cloud servers that are strictly limited to their dedicated CPU.

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VPSBoard Exclusive: VB-Mini

  • 1GB RAM
  • 2GB Total Memory
  • 40GB Disk Space
  • 1TB Bandwidth
  • $36.00/year
7SUMMERS - Save 30% on monthly packages. Get 12 months when you pay for 7 months on annual packages (42% off the monthly rate).  This is valid for any package on our main site.

Different Package Types

Memory Intensive - Starting at $7.00/month for 1.6GB RAM. Features extra RAM for handling caching and transactions. Recommended for Web Hosting, Database Hosting, and Data Analytics.

Processor Intensive - Starting at $7.00/month for 7.2GHz Turbo CPU. Features extra processing power for handling heavy applications. Recommended for Application Hosting, Game Servers, Batch Processing, and Development Work.

Bandwidth Intensive - Starting at $7.00/month for 3TB of Bandwidth. Features extra bandwidth for media streaming and transfers. Recommended for file hosting, streaming, or VPN services.

Check out all of our packages at

Datacenter Locations

Chicago Metro - Our datacenter located 90 minutes from Chicago in South Bend, IN. Featuring multiple gigabit connections through Level 3, Internap, and Cogent. Provides a great centralized location for all of North America and great latency to the Midwest.

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New York Metro - Hosted in the Choopa datacenter in Piscataway, NJ featuring over 1000gbps of available network. Providing a great location for the most populous area in the US, the Northeast, and the lowest possible latency to Europe from the United States.

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Phoenix - Hosted in PhoenixNAP in Arizona, Phoenix gives us reach to the Western United States. A close proximity to Los Angeles gives us low latency out to Asia and Australia without the risk of natural disasters, such as earthquakes.

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45 Day Satisfaction Guarantee - You are eligible for a refund if unsatisfied during the first 45 days of service.

100% Uptime Guarantee - We guarantee 100% service availability or you are eligible for a refund or credit based on the amount of downtime.

Terms of Service:

Any questions, feel free to contact us on our web site, leave questions here, or PM me.