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About cloudsleek

Cloudsleek hosting solutions is among, if not the best offshore provider around per today.  we ensure you quality and high priority uptime. All packages comes with unmetered lines aswell. 


Hardware: Our hardware equipment is located in the Netherlands, we use high end servers and every server has a 32GB RAM minimum standard. We own our hardware, so this is not some cheap rented servers.



* Unmetered on all Lines

* Full Root Access

* Fast Setup Time

* Solus panel




§ 1024MB RAM

§ 1024MB Burst RAM

§ 5GB Disk Space

§ Unmetered Bandwidth

§ 2 CPU Cores / 3.00GHz

§ 1 IP Address

§ 100 MBIT Connection



Order Now | $15/month




§ 2048MB RAM

§ 2048MB Burst RAM

§ 7GB Disk Space

§ Unmetered Bandwidth

§ 4 CPU Cores / 3.00Ghz

§ 1 IP Address

§ 300 MBIT Connection


Order Now | $25/month




§ 4093MB RAM

§ 4093MB Burst RAM

§ 10GB Disk Space

§ Unmetered Bandwidth 

§ 8 CPU Cores / 3.00Ghz

§ 1 IP Address

§ 1GBPS Connection


Order Now | $45/month




Get 50% off the first month with the coupon code: 50OFF 



Payment methods:



Please check our website for further details and more offers!


If you have any questions, please contact us at any time!


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As stated in the default text/rules that is in the form field when submitting an offer, offers must also include their DC location.

Please let us know what DC you're using. Thanks. :)


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Since when is the Netherlands "offshore"?
Offshore itself depends on the point of view.

But you are right Netherlands is main land and far from beeing offshore at all.

@Packety: Please consider your wording - on your location and on your service level.


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Offshore itself depends on the point of view.

But you are right Netherlands is main land and far from beeing offshore at all.
The Netherlands might not have DMCA (which is a US law) but it does have BREIN, an anti-piracy group that regularly takes down websites hosted in the Netherlands that violate copyrights.

tl;dr The Netherlands isn't even close to being offshore.

About cloudsleek
My Latin is a little rusty so I'm having trouble understanding the "about us" page on your website...

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Thank god for google translator!  The English translation of Cloudsleek's about us page:

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P.S.This link might come in handy: