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Why Uptime Tier III Certification?
Cloud service providers experience downtime of many hours and sometimes more than a day due to failure in the Electrical systems. ESDS has chosen to make investment in Uptime Institute Certification, which requires redundancy on all levels of Non-IT Infrastructure(Electrical systems), this investment is worth, as it helps to deliver best in class customer services even in catastrophic events.

Though ESDS has a very strong Cloud platform, which takes care of redundancy on the IT Infrastructure level, it is extremely important to have redundancy on Non-IT infrastructure level to ensure 100% power uptime. ESDS chose to invest in building a highly secure Network and isolation of IT Infrastructure to guarantee 100% secure cloud hosting environment for our customers.

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I would like to explain to you why uptime certification important for data center providers.

Certifications definitely add a lot to the organizational value as it is the confirmation by an established & recognized body that data center facility will meet each and every aspect of its declared specifications.

Tier Certification is a merchant impartial, outsider accreditation for the system and operational supportability conveyed by the Uptime Institute. The Uptime Institute Professional Services assemble is the main firm authorized to affirm merchant site topology against the Uptime Institute’s universally perceived Tier Classification System. Tier III Certification guarantees the site infrastructure arrangements, as spoken to in the outline reports, have really been built and tried to prove compliance. And Web Werks is Now tier IV data centers certification.

There are more such data center certifications to assure the quality of the Data Center in India

Schneider Electric Data Center Certified Associate
CNet CDCMP (Certified Data Center Management Professional)
VMware Certified Professional 5-Data Center Virtualization (VCP5-DCV)
BICSI Data Center Design Consultant (DCDC)