Delivering a Fully Scalable & Secure Private Cloud Environment for Hosting Enterprise Applications


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Addressing a customer's growing needs, ESDS offers a Private Cloud platform that is completely scalable, secure, compliant, and flexible. eNlight Private Cloud hosting provides multiple layers of security backed with high-performance and scalability of a Public Cloud.

Why ESDS eNlight Private Cloud?

eNlight Private Cloud hosting can prove to be extremely beneficial due to the following significant reasons-

  • Scalable Environment for Hosting Mission-Critical Applications
The dynamic business application needs a robust infrastructure for delivering high-performance along with consistency. eNlight Private Cloud hosting is a cost-effective solution supporting dedicated and auto-scalable resources. With eNlight Private Cloud Hosting, users get a single centralized control panel for controlling their resources.

  • Enhanced Security
With eNlight Private Cloud, ensure a complete suite of best-in-class and easily customizable security services. eNlight Private Cloud is compatible with multiple environments for delivering a customized security solution based on business needs. This Cloud platform offers the advantage of including security policies and control as per the user standards.

  • Virtual Environment Management
The virtual environment in eNlight Private Cloud Hosting is deployed on a stack of enterprise-class hardware. ESDS' dedicated and expertized Cloud teams help in designing a virtual environment as per business requirements. With eNlight Private Cloud, users get a customizable environment that is supported by high-security standards.

High-Performance Cloud Hosting Through Exuberant Support

Through exuberant and dedicated support, eNlight Private Cloud offers enterprise-grade high-performance Cloud Hosting. The dedicated team at ESDS is committed to delivering Cloud back-end operations by delivering enhanced Cloud Computing experience & advanced security services & solutions.

Customizable Cloud Infrastructure

eNlight Cloud Hosting offers a flexible Cloud environment for customizing enterprise resources as per business needs. The Private Cloud environment can be easily customized by adding or removing resources like load balancers, firewalls, network devices, and Cloud storage.

Customizable VM Templates

The process of VM deployment can be simplified with customized VM templates. eNlight Private Cloud speeds up the process of deploying multiple VMs by creating a replication model.

Multiple Hypervisor Platforms

ESDS has partnered with the leading enterprises for delivering World-Class Hypervisor platforms on a Private Cloud environment.

Regular Snapshots

Be assured of 100% in case of any disaster such as DDoS Attacks, Hardware Failures & Natural or Human-Induced errors. eNlight Cloud's proactive VM snapshots ensure faster recovery of servers during any unforeseen events.

Leverage the Benefits of Enterprise-Grade eNlight Private Cloud Hosting from ESDS.