Difference of IPsec and SSL


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IPsec is a group of protocols used for making security and authentication between two parties. On the contrary, SSL is a protocol for web browsers that encrypt, decrypt, and authenticate all the data which transport between them. In this article, we will discuss the difference between IPsec vs SSL. Also, remember that you certainly need a VPS hosting first and then these protocols come in handy.

Differences between IPsec vs SSL
  • The main difference between IPsec and SSL comes in the network layer. IPsec operates at the network layer while SSL operates at the Transport layer and application layer.
  • IPsec is used for data encryption between any systems while the SSL function is different. SSL will use for data encryption between two processes that will identify by port numbers.
  • The difference between IPsec vs. SSL in the ease of use can show the IPsec more universal than SSL.
  • With more stability, faster connections, and built-in support, IPsec protocols are preferable by users.
  • IPsec is more complicated to set up. It requires third-party client software. On the other hand, SSL will support via the remote user’s browser. It needs no additional need to third-party.
  • SSL has simplicity for configuring. However, it is more vulnerable to irrefutable security threats.