DNS Server For Debian


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I need a DNS server for my Debian VPS. Want to host loads of sites, but cPanel is not an option since a software I use to create sites does not support it.


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This made me LOL when I saw the post because we have been through the ringer trying to settle with an ideal DNS service that integrates well with our backend.

We tried Bind, PowerDNS, Unbound, and some others that came up well short, but those were the popular ones. Bind has been around a long time but can get cluttered and complicated when you have ALOT of entries. PDNS is fast and has an awesome mysql integration. Unbound is even faster, but is limited in customization options.

For authoritative DNS, PDNS was an easy win. The mysql integration made updates and changes easy for the backend. You can use PowerAdmin, the PDNS web admin available for it, but it's easy enough to create your own web admin if needed.
For recursive DNS, Unbound was quick and easy setup and config.

We never considered CPanel DNS because we're convinced it won't be free for long ;) And it's bloated for such and easy service/function.