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A simple chart of the dollar/euro exchange rate for the last three years:


The ECB (The European Central Bank) altered the base line again. You have to pay 0.02% if you use a credit and you have to pay 0.2% if you invest money.

This is terrific. Banks have to pay money to put their money to the ECB.

On the other side I should start a bank: Getting money for 0.02% and lending it to business for 3.3%.

But the main topic is that we will soon have a 1:1 rate between $ and €.

One thing that will have an impact on buying stuff from the US (as an EU citizen).

You opinions?


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You opinions?
No complaints here. The decline in the euro from $1.40 to $1.05 has temporarily lowered my monthly costs by several thousand $

Do I expect it to last forever? No.

Am I taking advantage of it and trying to lock in current rates when possible by renewing things like EuroVeePeeEsses for longer terms? Yes.
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See, it's all finicky. Today we're at $1.05 = €1.00 and the Euro is falling. So, you'd think that as an American we would want to lock in pricing in Euros (pay via PayPal and your provider gets hit with the conversion fees). But then you have to remember that for years, the exchange rate was pretty steady. So, is this temporary or long term? We have a bunch of alarmists saying that the Euro could fall to €0.80 to $1 USD. Now, I don't believe that. I think we'll see a rebound. Here is what I'd do: Month to month, pay via Euro. Annual, probably pay via Euro (take the gamble). Multi-year? Definitely dollar.


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The consensus among economists seems to be that dollar-euro parity, at least, will be a long term trend. And a strong dollar is, for obvious reasons, a great thing for American consumers. At the same time, it may not be good for US corporations: exported American goods will be more expensive overseas, and people at home will also be tempted by cheaper goods from other countries.
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