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ESDS SOC-as-a-Service determines the complete security (Cyber, digital & information security) team functionality of any business organization. It is responsible for assessment and implementation of the security posture for an organization. Deploying and managing layers of security with the aim of protecting valuable data of an organization Most importantly, SOC-as-a-Service helps the companies to distinguish real threats and act on these problems with higher focus and urgency

Why ESDS SOC-as-a-Service?

ESDS managed SOC
service has redefined security operations to meet the next generation of emerging cyber threats.

In hybrid model of ESDS SOC-as-a-service, we offer a cloud-based SIEM service that the company client uses to monitor and correct its own security events

We have integrated threat intelligence, security monitoring, incident response and security analytics competencies to reflect the reality of detecting Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) style behavior on your network, including endpoint threat detection and data exfiltration.

It also includes Services & solutions that prepare the environment for the SOC-As-Service to be effective by advising, providing & effecting the required changes.

ESDS Hybrid SOC Model Includes-
  • Threat Intelligence
  • User Behaviour & Event Analytics
  • Machine Learning
  • Real time Threat Hunting & detection
  • Multi Tenancy
Cost Effective + with all basic solutions as per traditional model`

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Salient Features of ESDS SOC-as-a-Service


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