ESDS PAM- Stop All Unprivileged Escalations and Risks


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There have been numerous instances of escalated risks and misuse of access-based permissions for gaining unauthorized access to critical data and applications. An unmanaged user account serves as an open & exposed vulnerability and can be exploited by malicious actors within & outside the business organization. ESDS PAM- a unique, smart, and controlled access PAM Solutions significantly reduces privilege escalations and illegal access.

By leveraging ESDS’ PAM solution, businesses can eliminate all forms of security risks, enhance their compliance requirements through proactive & constant monitoring of user-privileged activities. ESDS deploys stringent security policies, thus reducing all major breaches and data leaks to illegal users. ESDS’ PAM solution offers the IT Security Teams a centralized policy framework for authorizing privileges as per user roles & responsibilities.

ESDS PAM Benefits
  • Controlled user authorization
  • Single Sign-On
  • Multi-factor Authentication
  • Password Vaulting
  • User Session Monitoring
  • Single Admin Control
Phase-Wise Execution of ESDS PAM

ESDS PAM develops a continuous and secure cycle executable in the following four phases-
  • Isolation and recording of critical assets, privileged accounts, and interdependencies available on a hardware or software platform
  • Assigning access to authorized users only, using the least privileged required so that credentials can be used for accessing IT assets
  • Enforcing password complexity and synchronizing changes across all dependencies for avoiding major service disruptions
  • Continuous auditing and reporting so that every privileged request is documented. Configuring alerts in case of any unusual activities or privilege escalations

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Restrict all unprivileged accesses and escalations today with ESDS. For a smart, secure Privilege Access Solution, discuss your requirements with Team ESDS Today through: | 1800 209 3006 | [email protected]