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ExoticVM - Find VPS in Exotic Locations

About ExoticVM
ExoticVM is actually inspired from ExoticVPS (by Mr.X) which has been down from few months and was not up-to-date. So this website was created just to list all hosts offering VPS in exotic locations.
The previous site & data was lost due to a catastrophe on our server (hint: lazy sysadmin) and now we are re-writing everything. Stay tuned for updates.

Why was the site created?
I saw many users here making threads like "Looking for VPS in ABCD country" so perhaps ExoticVM.com might help. Although I had the plan to make a VPS location list website way back in 2013 but wasn't really motivated to do it.

How to list your company?
It's easy, just head over to the submit page & send in your data. We'll review & verify the details. Once all the necessary checks have been performed, the provider will be added on site.
Please reply with suggestions, errors, etc.
Also, please note that I am trying to keep the website (& the data) to be as simple as possible and not to turn it into another comparison website. The approach is very simple, you want a VPS in Cambodia, where to find it?
Head over to ExoticVM and get the list of providers who offer it. Go to their website and compare it yourself. I might add a genuine user review for each provider later on but for time being, let's keep it simple.

If you are not a provider but still want to list one which you know, then send us an ✉ email (found on the contact page) and we'll happily add it