Feathur Launch (VPS Control Panel => => Free For Private Use)


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Alright so today we're launching Feathur (beta). As part of this launch we're opening up the GitHub and we're releasing our panel to the public. I'll start off with a quick Q & A, branch off into where to obtain a copy and then cover the future of Feathur.

Basic Description: Feathur is a VPS control panel based on PHP. Typical Feathur installers create a linux based nginx, php and mysql system (LEMP) with a built in PHPMyAdmin and control VPS via SSH connections. Feathur is designed to have global administrators and individual users. Each administrator can control all of the VPS in the system. Each user can control any VPS assigned to them by an administrator.

Q: What virtualizations does Feathur support?
A: Feathur currently supports OpenVZ and KVM.

Q: What does Feathur cost?
A: Feathur is FREE for private use. If you'd like to use Feathur commercially (EG: sell VPS) we offer licenses at $3.50 per server per month. There are no upfront fees or additional costs, just $3.50 per server per month. You can install and test out Feathur without purchasing a license.

Q: If I need support where can I find it?
A: We offer unpaid voluntary support via:
- Our Forums (
- Our IRC Channel ( #feathur)
We offer paid support for those who have a license via ticket on our site. (

Q: Is the code viewable/editable?
A: Yes our code is viewable via:
If you want to contribute you're more than welcome to. If you want to modify Feathur to better suit your needs you're welcome to.

Q: What license is Feathur released under?
A: We had to write our own custom license. It's viewable at:
We aren't lawyers, we aren't pretending to be... if you have a suggested change to it let us know.

Q: What prevents me from stealing Feathur's code and using it in another panel?
A: In reality: nothing, but we'd greatly appreciate it if you didn't. Technically our license prevents you from stealing our code to resell it, but at the same time we hope you're a nice person and choose to pay for our code.

Q: Has Feathur's code been externally audited?
A: Yes, we've had it externally audited by a team of 4 separate individuals and most notably Vlad from Safe or Not.

Q: Does Feathur have any bugs?
A: Yes, it has a few known bugs, but most software does. We feel confident that Feathur is ready for day-to-day use without the need for outside support.

Q: I've found a bug, where do I report it?
A: Either on our forums or better yet here on our github.

Q: Does Feathur support rDNS? TUN/TAP? PPP? IP Tables?
A: Yes to all of these...

Q: I like your project, how can I support it?
A: If you can afford it consider purchasing a license of Feathur (it's $3.50 a month). We've spent a large amount of our own time and money (yes it costs money to have people audit Feathur and to pay for the design, etc... a lot infact). If you can't afford to donate, encourage your hosting provider to switch, contribute to our code, or just link to our site on your blog/twitter. All of the support is greatly appreciated.

Q: If you're charging commercial providers for Feathur, why are you asking for support from the community?
A: When we decided on a price for Feathur we could have gone with the industry standard, but instead we decided to release it with as little cost to the end user as possible (free/$3.50 if you're a provider). We did this so that the community could benefit from the project and the project would take in enough money to help pay for itself. We'll likely never make money on Feathur, but we'd appreciate recognition for our contribution to the community.

How to obtain a copy:

We've prepared several setup guides which are available on our wiki (click here).

Installers include:
Debian 6 Master
CentOS 6 Master
CentOS 6 OpenVZ Slave
CentOS 6 KVM Slave
Ubuntu 10.04 - 14.04 KVM Slave

You can choose to install the master and the slave on the same physical machine if you don't have a separate VPS/server to run Feathur's master server on. (Who here doesn't have a VPS sitting around idling?)

What's in the Future of Feathur?

We will be releasing updates at least every 2 weeks with new features, bug patches, etc... We will likely release patches and updates every few days and thanks to our update system they'll automatically be downloaded from our gthub within 15 minutes after we make them.

We plan on supporting backups, xen, virtual box, lxc and tons of smaller features. We'll be releasing an update which will allow users to download/upload backups of their own VPS as well as the ability for users to upload their own KVM ISOs (based on administrator preference).

We also have a new design in the works:

Important Links

Our Site:

Bug Report:


License Checker:

Questions, comments, thanks, etc... let us know :)
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Nice! I beta'ed it a while back and it did what it was supposed to do!

Good to see it come out and looking forward to it getting more real world use. Everyone else, report back how it goes!


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$3.50 per server per month.. Nifty.  Good pricing.

VLD audited this?   That means something to me.  He's a real person offering such services and no lightweight either.

Hey, I am impressed.


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@drmike - Yeah we had him audit it along with several other "hackers". The whole goal behind the pricing is to pay for the project's development. Getting it this far has cost us quite a bit... so the licensing for commercial use is just there to help repay that and keep the lights on in the future.


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Congrats on release!

The "free for private use" thing is great. I might play with this at home :)


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That...that is fuckin AWESOME!

I should post a troll question on StackOverflow and see how many *facepalms*  /me bangs head on desk   and /wrists  I get!


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@Zigara, @bfj - If you have a suggestion or would like to contribute, please let me know. Otherwise go attempt to make your own panel instead of laughing at our work.

Yes, I should have used ctype_digit() and I should have compiled all the errors at the end so they displayed all at once to the user... I'll likely go back and rewrite that section in the future.
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This is pretty cool. I will probably give it a shot to see what it can do. 

The only suggestion that I have is not to change the theme to your screenshot. That is very hard on the eyes.


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The only suggestion that I have is not to change the theme to your screenshot. That is very hard on the eyes.
I second this suggestion too after thinking about it for a bit. I think you would have better luck developing a simple way to theme Feathur so companies can match the look of their site easily.

I personally think BlueVM's Feathur would look nice with a dark theme to match their site, a candy looking theme just does not seem to match BlueVM's style. 


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I'm sure they accept pull requests :D It is github after all.
Right, because they are selling it and I want to give away my code for their profit. Thanks! (Not too mention there is TOOO much that needs to be changed)

@BlueVM, Just one suggestion ... hire a real coder, because anyone with a year of PHP knows NOT to use globals inside of classes. And any 2nd year coder knows NOT to use 50 nested if's. And any 3rd year coder knows TO follow some form of coding guidelines for consistency. And any Database coder knows NOT to alter tables dynamically in code.

I lied, my second suggestion is to use some form of coding standard such as Zend's Coding Standards. 

Not tryi...well yes I am trying to be a dick. But honestly, that is how bad that code is. I think hiring some Indians might be less of a security risk with just the same clusterfuck.


Oh and I don't plan on making a panel because I don't run a VPS business. But if I knew your host was running this panel, I would be very concerned as an end user. The code is obviously flawed and coded by someone with some or none REAL programming experience. 
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I'm sure they accept pull requests :D It is github after all.
Any modifications you make are owned by Feathur LLC (i.e., including the modifications themselves). I wouldn't even make any modifications to the code or submit a pull request without first consulting a lawyer or receiving written permission from them as it may very well violate their license. Even if it doesn't violate the license, though, you wouldn't own your own work, so it seems like it'd be a big waste of time.
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