Freenom/ free domains


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Looks like Freenom/ has made it easy again to get free domains. I've had great difficulty to get free domains from them when last trying in July, and then noticed news that the registrar was on its way out. Yet this month I was able to renew the two free domains I had instantly, and then noticed that it was no longer a problem to get a free domain. I was able to get one for 12 months and DNS propagated almost instantly after inserting my preferred name servers.

I've been posting in hosting discussion and post4host forums for more than 10 years. I recall that there were many complaints during that period from users who had built a really great domain and then lost it out of the blue, just when traffic had been very good. The domains I've used over the years have always been for low traffic Websites or to experiment, however two years ago I noticed that it was getting more and more difficult to get a new domain. The application process seemed to have become region specific. When I finally tried to get a Freenom free domain in July I was completely unable to do so and when I Googled the subject, it looked as though Freenom had been in the process of going under. So this month (Dec 2022) when I renewed my existing free domains was very happy to notice that Freenom seemed to have sorted out whatever had been the problem. Not only is it very easy again to get a free freenom/ domain, but DNS seems to be propagating almost instantly after the name servers have been fixed. Freenom also offers free DNS. Note of course that using a Freenom free domain for developing a serious Website is not a good idea. I think the Freenom system has been set up to take back their domain, once a certain level of traffic has been reached. And of course when you use their name servers, this is a gift for Freenom.

At any rate I have to thank Freenom/ for years of use of free domains that I have been able to enjoy. Particularly at the planning and experimentation stage of a Website. It used to be a precursor for getting a or similar. Although also sentimental domains, i.e. very old static Websites that I like to be online - hobby sites.