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Get Low Cost Web Hosting

Litespeed's performance has been in line with competitors this year, meanwhile.

LiteSpeed Web Server can serve thousands of clients concurrently and with up to 16 times faster delivery means an all-round more engaging experience for your website visitors and customers.

Popular platforms such as WordPress and Magento integrate closely with LiteSpeed to provide in-server caching, reducing the TTFB/TTLB into low double-digit milliseconds.

Unlike other frontend proxy-based

For more information about the LiteSpeed web server, please visit -web-server/overview.
  1. Such as NGNIX
  2. LiteSpeed replaces all Apache functions
  3. Simplifying use
  4. Making the transition
  5. From Apache smooth and easy.
Install and configure the LiteSpeed web server.

Download the LiteSpeed web server from -web-server/download. Obtain the LiteSpeed serial number for your server.

To install the LiteSpeed web server on a semi-managed server, follow these steps:
  • If you order the Turbo Boost option for your semi-managed server
  • You must install the LiteSpeed web server yourself
  • How to install LiteSpeed on a semi-managed server
  • A vanilla install will provide you with a slew of functions
  • That these other web servers don't offer.
And for those who care about such things, Litespeed also maintains a fairly restrictive EULA that limits what content you can legally provide with the server.

Even with Litespeed get more moderately priced web services supporting most of the popular control panels, there are enough components that don't work to make switching a concern. Apache also has a flexibility that Litespeed can't match.

But then Litespeed is meant as a lightweight alternative to Apache, much like a scooter to a truck. First things first: Litespeed doesn't lie about being able to handle more traffic than Apache. Unlike Apache, Litespeed is a commercial product.

The Litespeed server is a fairly new piece of software. However, Apache is not without its competitors, and one of its fiercest is Litespeed So which one is better? When you say web server,” Apache is the first thing to pop into my head.