Google apologises for lengthy Gmail outage


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Google has apologised for a temporary fault that affected millions of users of its Gmail service.

Up to half of users were affected, over 12 hours from 15:00 BST on Monday, with many taking to Twitter to complain.

Google said the delivery of some messages had been halted for a few seconds while others were "more severely delayed".

On Gmail's status dashboard, it said: "We're aware that prompt delivery is an important part of the Gmail experience.

"And today's experience fell far short of our standards."

Last month, Google experienced blackouts across all of its services.

And although they only lasted a few minutes, it saw worldwide internet traffic plunge by about 40%.

I know this caused issues did it for anyone else?


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It's amazing they run a system of that size with such little downtime.

Have they declared what cause of the recent outages was?


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12 hours... that's a big heap at once. :)   Good for them.  Everyone needs a break from the internet.    

Can we have 12 days downtime next time Google?


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I wouldn't be surprised if the enterprise businesses and government relying on Google simply shrugged while the two-man companies were on the phone shouting expletives at Google.