gpg-mailgate-web outgoing mail encryptor


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I'm working on something to encrypt outgoing mail. It involves a web interface where anyone can upload their PGP key; mail to the email address of that key will be encrypted after an email address confirmation. The intent here would be email encryption and not email authentication.

It uses gpg-mailgate, so it directly hooks up with Postfix, meaning no web-software-specific changes need to be made.

Anyone interested in helping test this or review code or something? It is in PHP for front-end, Python for the mailgate / cron script, and MySQL is used for database.

Note: this means it only works with Postfix
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I realize that this is a 2 year old thread, but just wanted to thank @perennate.

I just setup gpg-mailgate with gpg-mailgate-web and they both work like a charm.

Easy to setup and works as promised.

Thanks again!