HostKVM - East Coast West Coast DDoS Protection Beta Test


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Information: HOSTKVM.NET is hosting a EAST COAST (Toronto, CANADA) ddos protection 15-day trial.

Conditions: You write a review after 15 days.

Extras: All Beta-Testers will get a 25% lifetime discount. 15Gb/s filtered.

Hardware: E3-1230V2, 1TB HDD, 2X128GB SSD, /27, 32GB DDR3 EEC RAM

West Coast --

Information: HOSTKVM.NET is opening its doors to West Coast DDOS Protection. Layer 4 plus a Layer 7 firewall.

Extras: 15Gb/s filtered.

Hardware: E3-1230V2, 4X2TB RAID10, 2X128GB SSD, /26, 32GB DDR3 EEC RAM

E5-2620, 32GB RAM, 4X2TB RAID10, 1X128GB SSD, /27, 32GB DDR3 EEC RAM

Want to beta-test? Email: [email protected]

PM: netnub


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your website seems to be down .. and it looks like it's using free hosting? or was?
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We don't have space on dev machines atm D. Strout, I'll give you one when there is space. I plan to terminate 2 people because they're not using it anyways.


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We're migrating CPANEL-02-USA to a new machine (CPANEL-03-USA), which means our website will also be down for the next 20-30 minutes. In addition we've chosen to go to WHMCS from BoxBilling.




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Server Migration posts merged to this post.  Already multiple threads about HostKVM.  As much as I appreciate you keeping us updated please limit it to this thread for the time being until you move out of Beta testing.