How does a crypto payment gateway become a profitable business ?


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Would you believe it if I said “Cryptocurrency payment gateway business has occupied a lot of entrepreneurs and startups minds”. Yup, that's true. Most people reading this content may also agree with what’s been said. That is the reason behind its overwhelming response from the entrepreneur’s corner.

Crypto payment gateway is a software that is used to facilitate cryptocurrency transactions between crypto users and merchants. Crypto users can pay for their daily needs by using cryptocurrencies. It is almost similar to fiat payment gateways like Gpay and Paypal. Now, let me explain with a small story.

The first ever cryptocurrency “Bitcoin” was found in 2008. After that in 2010, a transaction worth 10,000 bitcoins was executed in exchange for two papa john’s pizzas. This is the first bitcoin transaction ever. Considering today’s bitcoin value, that trade was worth $613million. That was the initiation point of the ongoing financial revolution. This transaction remained as a residue in entrepreneurs’ minds and later was transformed as a successful business idea. Most companies imported this idea into business and also succeeded in this field. Coinbase and Bitpay are a couple well known successful companies which manage to generate high revenue from this business.

A real-time example of a crypto payment gateway is Bitpay. Bitpay is one of the leading cryptocurrency payment gateway companies. In 2011, the company entered the crypto payment gateway business. Bitcoin(BTC, Bitcoin cash(BCH) and Ethereum(ETH) are some of the cryptocurrencies to which they provide services for. Let's look into the revenue-generating business models of Bitpay.

  • Network fee
  • Miner fee
  • Processing fee
  • Ads promoting fee
These are some of the revenue generating modules. The majority of their income comes from processing fees, which amounts to 1% of the transacted amount.

How can a crypto payment gateway be a business for entrepreneurs?

Nowadays many merchants have started accepting cryptocurrencies as payment from users. Some world renowned examples include Starbucks and Microsoft. That's why crypto payment gateway businesses are in demand among crypto entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs who want to develop a crypto payment gateway have to reach out to software development service providers to develop a crypto payment gateway software.

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