How much does it cost to host a simple website?


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We will talk about services, features, and costs in which I would like to introduce you to some hosting providers that bring an opportunity to expand your business with the help of their services.

Some recommended hosting providers are;

1. Serversupportz

2. milesweb

3. InMotion Hosting


I have been using web hosting for more than 1 year now and I have never faced a single problem with them.
I also like their pricing for such feature-rich web hosting packages. Glad I decided to host my website with this decent provider.


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What is your definition of simple?
  • Just some html pages?
  • A simple cms that requires a mysql database and php?
  • ...
Do you require any sort of special server-side scripting? Like perl, python, ruby,...

For most users, there will probably be some sort of package between 10 and 100 usd per year,
depending on their preference of location and server-side capabilities/resources/requirements.