How to Activate And Manage Auto-SSL Certificate In WHM/cPanel?


Following are the steps to enable the auto-SSL.

How to enable AutoSSL?
1) Login to WHM panel.
2) Navigate to the SSL/TLS >> Choose an AutoSSL provider: cPanel (Powered by Comodo)
This will lead the WHM to add the AutoSSL Package in Feature Manager. It will also set a cronjob to install and download the SSL Certificate for the hosted Domains.

How to enable AutoSSL for a User?
1) Navigate to the Manage AutoSSL a Click on the Manage Users button.
2) Select your User and choose Enable AutoSSL option. will add your user in the queue to install the Auto SSL Certificate.
You can verify the Auto-SSL Logs for the same user from Manage SSL>>Logs.

You will also get more info from here.



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If AutoSSL is included in your feature list, you would then instead click the 'Check username' button.


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With that said, you don't have to enable it for a user as it should already be enabled in the feature list. It then installs automatically when a new account is created and the nameservers are set at the registrar.


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  • Log into WHM
  • Search for Manage AutoSSL in the top left search box
  • Click Manage AutoSSL under the SSL/TLS heading
  • Make sure Let's Encrypt is selected as the current setting
  • Click the Manage Users tab
  • Search for your user (cPanel account username) in the search box
  • Check the radio bubble for Enable AutoSSL
  • Click Check "USERNAME" to run an AutoSSL Check for Let's Encrypt