How to install CSF and configure to block DDOS attack

How to install CSF and configure to block DDOS attack

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If you have the budget, we find BitNinja to be exceptionally good as web application firewall.

Besides matching fishy web requests (containing $, SQL queries etc. etc.) and many other features, the community black and gray list is really useful.

They gather data from a few thousand servers and if an IP is compromised and they attack one server, the rest of the server will have it black listed or gray listed as well.

If an requester's IP is on the graylist, they show a Google captcha to eliminate bots and tackle false positives.

One of the unexpected effect is that we've seen the server load drop from 6 to 2 on shared hosting servers.


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Here mentioning some of the easy steps to configure CSF Firewall for DDOS

1) Login to your WHM interface.
2) Select Plugins (Home >> Plugins).
3) Select the icon ‘ConfigServer Security & Firewall’.
4) Click on the option ‘Firewall configuration’.
5) Change the SYNFLOOD settings like,
SYNFLOOD_RATE: Number of SYN packets to accept per IP, per second.
SYNFLOOD_BURST: Number of times the IP can hit the rate limit before being blocked in the firewall.
6) To enable PORTFLOOD settings, change the settings as like the below screenshot:
7) Restart csf.