How to install CSF on Ubuntu ?


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Installing ConfigServer Firewall
Step 1: Downloading

Config Server Firewall is not currently available in Debian or Ubuntu repositories, and has to be downloaded from the ConfigServer's website.

This will download CSF to your current working directory.

Step 2: Uncompressing
The downloaded file is a compressed from of tar package, and has to be uncompressed and extracted before it can be used.

tar -xzf csf.tgz
Step 3: Installing
If you are using another firewall configuration scripts, such as UFW, you should disable it before proceeding. Iptables rules are automatically removed.

UFW can be disabled by running the following command:

ufw disable
Now it is time to execute the CSF's installer script.

cd csf
The firewall is now installed, but you should check if the required iptables modules are available.

perl /usr/local/csf/bin/
The firewall will work if no fatal errors are reported.

Vikas Deore

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The following are the recommended steps to install and configure the csf in Ubuntu.

Step-1: Update the System

First, update your system with the latest stable version by using following command.

$ sudo apt-get update -y

Step-2: Install the csf

By default, Ubuntu comes with UFW firewall, so you will need to disable it first.
You can disable UFW with the following command:

$ sudo ufw disable

Now, you will need to download the csf repository from the Config server's website.

$ sudo wget

Next, Uncompressed the downloaded file.

$ sudo tar -xvzf csf.tgz

Now, change the directory to CSF and run the following script to install CSF:

$ sudo cd csf
$ sudo sh

Once csf is installed, you can verify whether all of the required firewall modules are available or not by using following command.

$ sudo perl /usr/local/csf/bin/

Vikas D.


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1. Disable the ufw firewall by following command:
ufw disable
2. Download it with the wget command :
3. Unpack the downloaded file with the following command:
tar -xvzf csf.tgz
4.change the directory to CSF and run the following script to install CSF:
cd csf