How to protect server from attackers ?

HMS Naveen

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  • The server firewalls has to be enabled
  • Disable unused ports on the server
  • Perform daily scans like maldet scan, clamAV scan etc… in control panel
  • Make regular backups
  • Install only needed softwares and remove unwanted plugins
  • Allow access to trusted ones on the server


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1. Reduce Attack Surface Area
2. Plan for Scale
3. Know what is normal and abnormal traffic
4. Deploy Firewalls for Sophisticated Application attacks
No matter what type of website you run, protecting yourself from a DDoS attack is essential. If your site relies on revenue from ads or an eCommerce store, even a small amount of downtime can seriously impact your bottom line. And of course, when your site goes down without warning, your reputation could be tarnished as well.

Here are some practical tips and tricks that you can implement today.

Start with the Right Server
Take Advantage of Free Protection
Purchase Additional Protection When Needed
Learn to Spot the Signs of an Attack